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Yakov Rakhamimov

Hi *,

Welcome to my new blog and my first post ever!

My Name is Yakov, a Frontend web developer from Haifa, Israel.

As a self-taught developer, I’ve stumbled across many topics, concepts, and disciplines that looked very intimidating and complicated at first. Still, after time and time again, they started to make sense. Subsequently, my confidence has grown, and step by step, I felt more comfortable learning new things.

One of the primary resources of information that helped me through were articles and blog posts, A lot of documentations are long and tedious, especially for a beginner developer, and sometimes a short blog post can simplify and explain some topics much better.

My main goal in starting this blog is to help others the same way others helped me. In this blog, I will write about software development ( mostly web-oriented ), career advice, insights, random tech stuff, and shawarma reviews.

Just kidding about the shawarma…or not…I haven’t decided yet. Wish me luck and see you soon! 👋